This page contains links to the QGIS software download website and training manual. We have also included links to selected QGIS training videos and other related resources to give visitors a start in the learning process.

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QGIS Downloads and Manual

QGIS Training Manual

QGIS Download

6 part training series on how to manipulate LiDAR data into a usable hillshade image (By Kevin Costello of Pseudomorph Geospatial)

Part 1 – Required software and common sources of data

Part 2 – How to merge and classify LiDAR point clouds using cloud compare

Part 3 – Reprojection of point clouds using PDAL natively in QGIS

Part 4 – Rasterization of LiDAR point cloud using Open LiDAR Toolbox

Part 5 – Interpretations of LiDAR visualisations using QGIS

Part 6 – Using a Pre-made DEM for archaeological investigation

Other videos on LiDAR and how to manipulate LiDAR data

QGIS An Absolute Beginners Guide (Video)

QGIS MAGIC Webinar: Using LiDAR Data in QGIS (Video)

QGIS LIDAR files with QGIS (Video)

QGIS LiDAR to DEM with LAS Tools (Video)

LiDAR how does it work (Video)

LiDAR How to overlay LiDAR data on Google Earth (Video)