European LiDAR & Aerial Maps

This page contains the links for all of the free LiDAR maps and aerial photography in Europe. If you are searching for LiDAR some of the links will take you directly to a LiDAR hillshade view, in some others you will have to search through the ‘layers’ in order to find the LiDAR view and the rest provide LiDAR data for which you will need specific software (QGIS is a good example).

Open Source LiDAR Software

Some of the software is open source and takes a fair bit of effort to learn. In order to give visitors a start we have included a training page with download links and a few training videos for QGIS. If you have any problems or have knowledge of other links that you would like to see on this page please contact the admin of the Facebook group ‘LiDAR and Aerial Archaeology’.

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Austria LiDAR


Austria Karnten Region LiDAR Land Karnten

Austria Pulkau Municipality aerial photography

Austria Salzburg Region LiDAR Sagis Info

Austria Steiermark Region LiDAR Darstellung

Austria Tirol Region LiDAR Laserscan Tirol

Austria Wien Region LiDAR Stadt Wien

Belgium LiDAR

Belgium Wallony LiDAR Geoportail

Belgium Aerial photography Dinamis

Belgium Flanders LiDAR Digitaal Vlaanderen

Britain Aerial Photography Cambridge Collection of Aerial Photography

Croatia aerial photography Bioportal

Czech Republic Aerial photography MAPY

Czech Republic LiDAR Geoportal

Czech Republic LiDAR Geobrowser

Denmark LiDAR

Denmark aerial photography


England LiDAR Lidarfinder

England LiDAR Archiuk

England LiDAR

England Surrey LiDAR Surrey LiDAR Portal

England Jersey (Channel Island) LiDAR Jersey Heritage


Estonia LiDAR Geoportal

Finland LiDAR

France LiDAR Geoservices

France LiDAR Earth Engine

France LiDAR and Aerial photography TopoExport

Germany Bayern LiDAR Bayern Atlas

Germany Bavaria LiDAR Bavarian Surveying Administration

Germany Berlin LiDAR FIS Broker

Germany Bradenburg LiDAR Brandenburgviewer

Germany Bremen LiDAR Geoportal

Germany Hamburg LiDAR Transparency Portal Hamburg

Germany Rheinland-Pfalz LiDAR State Office for Geology and Mining

Germany North Rhine- Westphalia LiDAR Tim-Online

Germany Baden-Wurttemberg LiDAR Geoportal

Germany Hessen LiDAR Bodenviewer

Germany Hessen LiDAR Wind-Atlas

Germany Mecklenburg-Vorpommern LiDAR Geoportal

Germany Nordrhein-Westfalen LiDAR Geoportal

Germany Rhineland-Palatinate LiDAR GeoData

Germany Sachsen-Anhalt LiDAR Sachsen-Anhalt viewer

Germany Saarland LiDAR Geoportal

Germany Saxony aerial photography Geoportal

Germany Saxony LiDAR Geoportal

Germany Schleswig-Holstein LiDAR GeoDaten

Germany Thuringen LiDAR Thuringia Viewer

Greece Santorini LiDAR Open Topography

Hillforts in Europe

Holland LiDAR


Iceland LiDAR

Italy LiDAR Geoportal

Italy LiDAR LiDAR Data in Europe

Italy Trento region LiDAR STEM-WEBGIS

Italy Abruzzo LiDAR Opendata

Italy Sardegna Region LiDAR Sardegnamappe

Italy Sardinia Region LiDAR EU

Italy Sudtirol Region LiDAR GeoKatalog

Latvia LiDAR 3D Latvija

Lithuania LiDAR Geoportal

Luxembourg LiDAR Geosciences

Netherlands LiDAR AHN viewer

Netherlands Aerial Photography and historic maps

Netherlands Aerial photography and castles

Northern Ireland coast LiDAR

Northern Ireland LiDAR Opendata NI

Norway LiDAR Hoydedata

Norway LiDAR Cultural Memorial

Poland LiDAR

Portugal LiDAR Territorio

Portugal Aerial Photography Centro de Informacao Espacial

Republic of Ireland LiDAR Geological Survey

Republic of Ireland LiDAR Gov

Romania LiDAR


Romania Aerial photography Harta

Scotland LiDAR NLS

Scotland LiDAR Scottish Remote Sensing Portal

Slovakia Aerial Photography Nextgis

Slovakia LiDAR ZBgis

Slovakia LiDAR HOFM

Slovakia LiDAR Slovakia Relief Explorer

Slovakia LiDAR Freemap DTM

Slovakia LiDAR Freemap DTM V2

Slovakia LiDAR Freemap DSM

Slovenia LiDAR

Slovenia aerial photography

Spain LiDAR Instituto Geografico Nacional

Spain LiDAR Centro de Descargas

Sweden LiDAR Lantmateriet

Sweden LiDAR Fornsok

Switzerland LiDAR

Wales LiDAR Datamapwales

Satellite image of Europe

Credits: Google Maps